Meet Kate Cortner, Our New Social Events Coordinator!

Q: Hi Kate! So nice to meet you...tell us a little bit about yourself...

Kate: I am a local real estate agent.  Born into the business, as my mom is my broker and she used to drag me to open houses on Sunday after church as a kid :) I blog about it, too Real Estate With Kate . Nashville's fast-paced market helped me make the decision to start yoga a few years back.  I needed a way to slow down, even if it was just for an hour every few days.  I am a mom of 3 small kiddos, as well.  So, yoga helped feed my need for peace and quiet, serenity, and physical fitness.  I have found that it has helped me stay calmer with clients and my family.  My husband tells me on the days that I NEED yoga!  haha!

Q: Love that! Don't we ALL need yoga! Whew! So...I'm're helping us plan events for our Fahrenheit community! We've had a few already...Olga's going away party, our skate night....tell us what are we trying to accomplish by creating Fahrenheit events?

Kate: We all have one thing in common....we love Fahrenheit, and we love yoga.  That's easy!  Now, we want to help FYS yogis get together and make friends.  What other factors do we have in common?  How can we help each other through life?  What differences do we have that can help strengthen each other?  I think the community aspect of yoga is vital to sticking to it, and getting in touch with your spiritual practice.  That connection is so important.  With instructors, seasoned folks, and newbies alike.

Q: Who are these events geared towards?

Kate: These events are for everyone!  Some events, like the skate night, will be structured for friends and family to come along.  Others will be more specific to yogis and their needs.  We want students to learn more about one another in a casual, fun environment.  We will strive to create diverse events that will fit many different personalities.  That way, if you miss one, or you aren't super interested in an event, you'll be sure to want to make the next one!  

Q: How FUN! What's the scoop on our next one?

Kate: Look for more info on our Fahrenheit Fall event at Arrington Vineyard, it will be Oct 21. We are thinking wine tasting, potluck appetizers, and there is also jazz or bluegrass playing live that evening, it will take place from 4-8pm

Q: I'm in! What do I need to bring?

Kate: Chairs or a picnic blanket. Bring an appetizer to share. No other alcoholic beverages are allowed.  However, you can bring a cooler with water, food, etc. If you have plastic wine glasses, now is the time to break them out!

Q: How will I be able to find the group?

Kate: We will have a sign at our location (hopefully a picnic table in the lawn). Also, please read our event details on FB for RSVP info and other location updates. At Arrington, I'm thinking about glow bands for everyone to wear, but they won't be real noticeable until later in the evening.(we are working on creative ways to notice one another)

Q: Beyond this fun date at Arrington, what's on the horizon? How often will we be having these awesome get-togethers?

Kate: Ideally, we want to try to host an event each month. The holidays may get a little tricky, but we are aiming for once a month, in addition to our awesome workshops at the studio.

Q: Yay! It was so great to talk to you today, Kate! Thank you for taking the time to share a little bit more with us! If people have ideas for events, how can they get ahold of you?   

Kate: Please feel free to email me! We welcome creative ideas. My email address is