Kristin Behrends on Teacher Training

What is teacher training like? Am I ready? These are two of the many questions we receive often as students are debating whether or not to take the leap into teacher training. To give you a little insight, we asked to interview one of our recent graduates and the gorgeous, Kristin Behrends, stepped up to the's what she had to say...

Q: Describe your teacher training experience in 5 words or less.

Kristin: A deepening of my practice.

Q: Why did you decide to take teacher training? Tell us about the moment you decided.

Kristin: I decided to take teacher training because I was interested in deepening my practice and teaching eventually. The moment I decided was when I realized someone as great as Cindy Lunsford would be leading a training at my home studio for hot vinyasa. Not to mention, Nora has always been such a big cheerleader for me and everyone there made me feel so supported.

Q: What were your fears before training?

Kristin: My fears were that I hadn't been practicing yoga long enough to teach. So instead of letting those fears keep me from committing to the training, I went into it with an open mind and said either I will teach because of this, or I will have an amazing experience that deepens my practice. Either way, I felt it was necessary to follow my intuition. I decided to squash my fears and shift perspective. During training, those fears still arose and sometimes still do but I choose to see them for what they are and realize they're fears and nothing more. I love yoga!

Q: Who did you train with? How do you feel about their knowledge of the subjects they taught?

Kristin: I was extremely honored to train under such a knowledgeable teacher. Cindy has tons of experience in more than one lineage.

Q: Did you take hot 26 or flow training and why?

Kristin: I chose hot vinyasa because it seems to be what I enjoy practicing the most.

Q: Do you feel like teacher training has impacted your personal practice?

Kristin: I certainly notice a huge difference in my personal practice after this training. I'm so much more mindful of my alignment and I pay attention much more to what they are teaching and why when I take class. I get much more inspired now!

Q: Are you teaching now and is it everything you had envisioned it would be?

Kristin: I am not teaching yet, but hopefully very, very soon. It truly is everything I envisioned it to be. I would love to be a part of helping with a retreat in the future! It would be such a dream to get this group together again for one.

Q: If you were to give one piece of advice to anyone considering teacher training, what would it be?

Kristin: Practice teaching as much as you can and often so you can get comfortable and find your voice!

Kristin Behrends is a former hairstylist that enjoys getting outside as much as possible. She wishes she lived on the equator but for now, she's saving for as much international travel as possible. Kristin is passionate about human connection and self-realization and hopes to bring that to others through yoga as well as other avenues down the road.