"This is it, I must be pregnant!" Stacy Lontoc talks #tinytoc.

You've probably seen a gorgeous baby bump roaming around the studio lately! Fahrenheit teacher, Stacy Lontoc, and her hubby are expecting their first baby in less than 100 days, a little man they've affectionately hashtagged, #tinytoc.

They tried for a few months before conception, and Stacy said before taking the test (or four) to confirm, that she woke up one morning and just felt different. Her body didn't feel like it was hers anymore, and she remembers thinking, "This is it, I must be pregnant!" When the test lit up all of the emotions rushed through her, "The pure excitement, the sheer nervousness, the tears of joy, the instant worry, the bliss...it was one of the most exciting moments of my life! WE ARE HAVING A BABY!" exclaimed Stacy. 

Originally from a little country town named Pegram about 25 minutes outside of the heart of Nashville, Stacy reflects on a complicated but blessed family life. "I have never met or spoken to my grandmother. She's still alive, but she decided to take a different course for her life many years ago, long before I was born and while my mother was still very young. Although that could create a feeling of something missing, and there have been times where I have felt immense anger towards her, I now can see that I was blessed with family in other ways. Letting go of my anger towards her has been a very freeing feeling for me."


Her mother's first husband tragically passed at a young age not long after they had built a home behind his parent's house. "A few years after my Mom's first husband passed, my Mom met my Dad, and although my father was told he couldn't have children...here I am!" Although they didn't have to, that sweet, loving couple that had accepted her mother as their daughter years before also accepted Stacy as their grandchild and showered her with love their entire lives. "Having them for my grandparents is one of the biggest blessings in my life," Stacy says, "They were one of the biggest influences for how I view marriage, parenting, and acceptance. They were a gift from God."

On her Dad's side, Stacy has a huge family of the most supportive and closely knit people. "The bond we share is like no other. My dad comes from a family of nine children, and it has grown into something so massive and beautiful. Makes me want to have a bunch of babies of my own! ((((shhhh...don't freak out my husband! -HA!) The bond that we share is something that I greatly hope to instill in my children so that they can understand the value of having a close family."

When asked how things have changed in her yoga practice now that she's pregnant, Stacy says she's noticed over the years that her practice has always gone through phases, and pregnancy is another one. "When I first started yoga, it was the physical aspect that first drew me in. Then the onslaught of planning a wedding and then the first year of marriage sent me into an anxious downward spiral, and my practice became much more mental and internal, especially during teacher training." Her practice returned to a physical focus over the past year when she was working on building strength in her poses and transitions, but now that her body is changing and the physical part of her practice has to be modified in some ways, "I'm back to that place where I can focus more on my mentality and breath. I might not be able to do a handstand like I was but I'm able to appreciate the basics, and I'm able to build a strong mind that will help me through the intensity of labor when that time comes."

Her practice isn't the only thing that has shifted, Stacy says that she's also able to teach from a different perspective, "I'm much more mindful of my body and the many different bodies in the room. It's been very eye opening."

When Stacy isn't practicing, teaching, or buying the most adorable duds for #tinytoc, she says she loves to stay active, "Fitness and health have become a huge part of my life, so exercising daily is not only a hobby but also a habit." She also loves spending quality time with her husband, working on projects at their house, "We really enjoy putting our own touch on things!" She also makes sure to get time to herself, "I love making time to just be in whatever moment I am currently in."

As for #tinytoc, when he isn't jumping around in his mommy's belly, he craves watermelon and anything cold, "Healthy shakes, yummy salads, frozen grapes," just to name a few. He also enjoys listening to "On the Night You Were Born" a book Stacy and her husband read to him every night, "We're hoping our little one can hear our voices and will be comforted by the night time story once he is here. It's easily my favorite time of the whole day."

We cannot wait to meet your bundle of joy, Stacy! Huge congratulations to you and your sweet hubby! We know #tinytoc will be loved so deeply and make a massive impact on this world. 

Stacy Lontoc is a daughter of God, a wife, a mother-to-be, a fitness and health adventurer, and a positive life enthusiast. She loves people, animals, and being outside. She does my best to have respect for all lives around her, and to let people know that she appreciates them and respects their uniqueness.

One of her favorite simple quotes is," How cool is it that the same God that created mountains and oceans and galaxies and puppies looked at you and thought the world needed one of you too." -anonymous

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