There's a Block Party at Fahrenheit


"I used to think blocks were for wimps, but now I get how they really do help me get the poses." This is something my mom said to me recently and it's so true! Using a block or strap or any other prop does not mean you are doing less than the full pose. In fact, props often help us achieve better alignment.

In this 2 hour workshop, we will explore different ways to incorporate props into your yoga practice in the studio and at home.

2 pricing options:
$35 - workshop only
$65 - workshop + Manduka props

It's a great idea to own your own props not just for sanitary reasons, but so you can include them in your practice at home. If you choose the "workshop + Manduka props" option, we will order props for you at wholesale cost. See options below. If you choose the "workshop only" option, you will have the opportunity to purchase props at 25% off their retail cost after the workshop.

The workshop + Manduka props option includes 2 blocks and 1 strap.

Block options (all blocks are 9" x 6" x 4"):
- Recycled foam - 7 colors available
- Cork

Strap options:
- 6' unfold strap w/ D-ring buckle - 4 colors available
- 8' unfold strap w/ D-ring buckle - 2 colors available
- 8' align strap w/ interlocking buckle - 6 colors available
- 10' align strap w/ interlocking buckle - 3 colors available

If you want your props in time for the workshop, please sign up and choose your options before 3 pm Friday, April 8.