As I embark on my trip to NYC this weekend for the Gabby Bernstein Spirit Junkie Masterclass my heart is wide open. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share a space with like-minded people, light workers all on our own journey to learn, to teach and to heal the world. 

Let's talk about openness, vulnerability, and the strength it takes to be vulnerable. When we open ourselves up, it gives others permission to open themselves up to us as well. I love this asana because it makes me feel so incredibly vulnerable physically, mentally and emotionally. It allows me to remember that the three are connected, and when I open my body physically I am able to discover where I am with vulnerability in that precise moment. It is intense, I feel out of control in a way, yet it grounds me, so I come back to it over and over again. Open yourselves up WIDE and face the beauty that brings. You are so strong and opening yourself up is not easy, so keep the practice. Know that some days you will find ease quicker than others, some days will be emotional and you'll want to close off, it is a practice, so just keep coming back. 

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