Mama Says Namaste

I recently had the opportunity to chat on the phone with the incredible, Ashley Logsdon, of Mama Says Namaste. As an entrepreneur, coach and blogger, she's passionate about relationships and the amazing personalities that allow us to communicate, connect, and create the families we want to come home to. She's an incredible resource on a powerful mission, we absolutely love her and we know you will too...

Q: Hi Ashley! Excited to learn more about you today! We'll start with the easy stuff...where are you from?

Ashley: I call myself a "Nashville Native" because I've lived here since I was 8 years old.  Before that, I lived in Bowling Green, KY, but Nashville is my home!

Q: What is your favorite weekend pastime?

Ashley: Right now, it's fixing up our "second home" - we are embarking on a full-time adventure of RVing the States with our girls in October, and we are currently working on making our trailer a little bohemian haven - vinyl wallpaper is fabulous! When I'm not doing that, it's getting outdoors with my family - hiking and water play are our favorite pastimes!

Q: Family road-trip! What a blast! Tell us a little more about your family about your family…pets…

Ashley: We’re an unschooling family of life learners. We believe that education is to be found in ALL of life and not just behind institutional doors. I've been married to my amazing husband for 12 years now, and we have three wild girls, ages 9, 6 and 3 1/2. We’re Nathan (aka PapaGray) and Ashley (aka MamaRose), parents of three wonderful little girls who have shown us from day one that we don’t know much but it’s one helluva fun ride! In addition to our little humans, we have six chickens (hens), a guinea pig named Starburst and an awesome Catahoula mix named Harley McQuinn. LOADS of female energy in our home!


We look at everyday interactions and realize that we have so much to learn, from each other, from our peers, family, mentors, and the rest of the world, and especially, from our children.  So instead of sending them off to a traditional school, we’re eager to enjoy the process of life alongside them.  Last year we spent a month in Costa Rica exploring the land, and this fall we leave on a full-time journey to RV the States!  

This is life, and this is how we learn: we jump in headfirst, we engage fully, and we see what we can get out of it. I would love to share our journey with you – parenthood, education, relationships, etc –  in hopes that together we can find namaste in all we meet!  You can read more about my little entrepreneurs and their endeavors on my "Meet the Family" page. 

Q: Wow! That sounds fascinating! You guys must have so much fun together! Tell us a little about what you do...when and how did you get into your line of work?    

Ashley: For the past twelve years, I’ve worked with my father’s company, 48 Days, and we work with people to find - or create - work that truly lights them up. First and foremost, it’s a paradigm shift - we are all in charge of our own lives, and we all choose our reactions to others. We all are 100% responsible for our perspective on the world. 

Through this company, my primary focus is on coaches - I refer clients to career/life coaches, and I also head up a Coaching Mastery Program where we take coaches through the process to become professional Certified 48 Days Coaches. After coaching others on their coaching business for years, I decided to branch out in my own marriage/family focused coaching business apart from 48 Days last year. In my own company, Mama Says Namaste, I work with mothers to make the switch from living in reaction to all that is thrown their way, and be proactive to create the family (and home) they are excited to be a part of.  

Both in building a happy home life and in finding work that is a true fit, the core component that must be addressed first is to know yourself - and that’s where I rely on DISC personality profiles as the foundation - not to pigeon-hole clients into a certain role, but to open the door to conversation - a “sneak peak” into how they may process things. These profiles give insight into what your strengths are, and help you live in your strengths and identify them in others.  

Q That sounds like a really exciting profession! What fascinates you most about what you do?

Ashley: I love the process of self-discovery, awareness, and love. I love working with mothers to see their families in different ways and understand how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us.  

Q: Love it! What’s the hardest thing about what you do? Most rewarding?

Ashley: The hardest thing is juggling two businesses and giving the time needed to each while still being a present mother and wife.  It's in balancing and ensuring I take the time to rest when I have so many awesome ideas and opportunities around me! The most rewarding is when a family thanks me for the positive shift in their family, and I'm able to show them how it was all them - I simply open the door to a new perspective and give them the tools and push to act.  

Q: You're a regular at Fahrenheit, in fact, you're one of our incredible assists at a few classes every week. Tell us about your yoga practice...

Ashley: The past two years have been pretty intense for us - me building another business on top of the current one, having children old enough I need to report schooling for, my husband being in real estate during an extremely busy time and some family upheavals in our extended family all made for some very stressful times. Having my yoga practice at FYS has been so, so powerful. It allows me a chance to step out of the chaos and find my focus - my drishti - again. Yoga has always been something I loved, but my focus has shifted from being that of working on my body/flexibility in my younger years to now really focusing inward on my meditative/restorative practice. It has gotten me through some rough patches and definitely makes me stronger and more centered, both physically and emotionally.

Q: You've got a workshop coming up here at Fahrenheit, we're so excited to learn and grow with you! What can people expect to leave your workshop with?

Ashley: More self-awareness - understanding what their strengths are and what triggers bring out their worst selves (and how to avoid them) - also how to recognize these things in others. Not only will they have some quick tips to identify styles and how to connect/relate to each one, but we will play with some yoga poses to get them "in the zone" of each style to really drive it home. 

Q: Who would you say your workshop is for?

Ashley: Anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and the people they care to connect with!  

Q: What would you say to someone who's on the fence about attending?

Ashley: If you had the opportunity to take just two hours and dramatically shift your perspective on how to connect with others, why would you miss it? If you are having trouble communicating, motivating, leading, collaborating, etc., understanding the personality styles - and seeking the good both in yourself and others - can literally change the direction of your life. Create the reality and life that you thrive in - not one you simply survive.  

Q: Where can we find you on the interweb/social media and where can people sign up for your workshop?

Ashley: You can sign up for my workshop taking place here at Fahrenheit Yoga Studio on Saturday, August 13th, at 3pm by following this link. To find me on the web and social media:



Instagram: @NamasteMamaRose

Twitter: @MamaSaysNamaste

I work with families to take them from surviving to thriving, from reaction to proactively creating the home (and life) they truly enjoy. Using personality styles, tips and resources, we can clear the clutter from your home, your head, and your heart. Mamas are my starting point, and we work out from there – marriage and then the children, so all are heard and understood.
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