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Practice in Pairs: Partner Poses for Your Daily Practice with Kaci and Kristen

Partner yoga is a great way to incorporate a fun learning and bonding experience for friends that are practitioners of yoga!  Each partner pose incorporates a posture that offers synonymous or opposing benefits to each practitioner in the pose, which provides a great method of balancing flexibility and strength for both parties.  When exploring a partner yoga practice, you get double the fun!  This also means double the body parts and double the energy, which can be overwhelming.  Focus on the alignment and purpose of each pose, while moving with grace and intention into and out of each pose just like you would in your personal yoga practice.  These factors are key in avoiding injury while practicing partner yoga.  Kristen and Kaci have demonstrated several partner yoga poses below that you can explore with friends to share the joy and power of your asana practice!  Kristen offers modifications when available for each pose.

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