Our certified instructors are Yoga Alliance registered with a minimum of 200 hours RYT. We are honored to guide you through your practice and are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health on every level.


When I first started practicing Hot Yoga, I felt I had found my niche, something to call my own. A 4x6 ft. rubber mat became my safe haven and I looked forward to the instantaneous relief I received from the series. Each time I returned to my "happy place" I almost felt as if I were taking myself on a date... A HOT date, that is... Cheesy, I know, but I couldn't resist! My practice was all about me and for a whole hour and a half each day, I felt safe from the rest of my life. As the dedication to my practice grew stronger, the inevitable happened.... My heart opened, and my sprit caught fire. Many of us see our Yoga practice as a separate area of our lives. We go to work, we hang out with friends, we pay the bills, and then we get to go to Yoga, "Ahhhhh..."; It is quite the contrary, actually. Yoga is not a separate aspect of our lives. It is the central area of life. Why? Because Yoga has to do with where we live within ourselves. Every corner of our lives and every practical life experience is a direct out-picturing of where we live within ourselves. The asana can then become tools we use, daily, to express ourselves and thus reflect where we are within. Eventually, we no longer see our yoga practice as something we do at 4:30 for an hour and a half to "turn-off". As we learn what it means to integrate Yoga into every relationship, every situation, and every moment, our practice then becomes a gift not only to ourselves, but to those around us as well. Sharing the precious gift that Yoga has given me is an honor and a huge source of joy and thus, is the biggest reward of all. I am committed to dedicating my life to sharing this transformative practice with the special community of Nashville. It is my intention and my deepest hope that each person who walks through the doors of Fahrenheit uncover what had been there all along.... a masterpiece. May we all experience our highest degree. "May you fall a little bit more in love with your practice and may you use your practice, as often as possible, to fall more in love with your life." Namaste, Nora Shabayek


Upon discovering a bulging disc and bone spur between my L5-S1 vertebrae, I stumbled upon yoga as a last resort. The hot 26 series has been the only successful and lasting treatment for this injury in my case, and has entirely changed my physical, mental, and spiritual conditions in life. I dove in headfirst, leaving my cubicle behind and becoming a full time teacher and practitioner of yoga. I am a firm believer in the transformative and healing power of yoga both by way of personal experience and by witnessing the experiences of others. I intend to spend my life sharing this gift with as many people as possible. I base my teaching on continuing education in anatomy and physiology in an attempt to guide others in the direction of healing that I have experienced through yoga.


I fell in love with yoga at 18, in the midst of an extremely stressful and anxiety-filled season of life. That hour of silence, with zero expectations and zero pressure (internal or external), became a haven I looked forward to every week and planted the seed to want to teach one day. A few years later I discovered hot yoga and established a consistent practice to complement to my stressful full-time event planning career and find peace in a culture that glorifies busyness. I see teaching as a type of ministry more than just fostering a physical practice. Yoga gives me a sense of balance, strength, and resilience, and it is a great joy and honor to share it with others.


Yoga is different for everyone. To me, yoga is not only the 60 minutes I spend in a studio each day, or the number of poses I can efficiently and gracefully move through. Yoga is part of my life. It’s a way of living. Yoga is being graceful in the studio, as well as through each and every stage and challenge of life. I believe in giving because giving is the greatest act of grace, and grace sets the spirit free. I believe in kindness because kindness is the often overlooked, but should go unnoticed as those who are kind aren’t doing it to be noticed. Just as we yogis don’t practice to be noticed or recognized, but to feel something deep within our beings. Too often is that forgotten.
Ultimately, yoga is whatever you want it to be. Yoga is your outlook on life and the way you cope with everything life can throw at you. It is place to go inside your true self with patience rather than acting out of impulse or fear. Yoga is a feeling of peace rather than anger, a feeling of understanding not judgment. Yoga is different for everyone. For me, it is the way I choose to live each day, gracefully moving through and enjoying the wonders of this life.


Anna Heath is a Nashville native who spent 5 years living in Denver working in a stressful medical practice. She started practicing yoga as a means to de-stress and relax after a long day, but realized she wanted to do more. She moved back home to Franklin in April 2015 and completed teacher training here at FYS. She splits her time between teaching/practicing yoga and caring for animals as a pet sitter. When not working, she is likely to be curled up with a good book and her bunny, Peeta.


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Freshman year of college I decided to get off a bunch of antidepressants and ADHD pills. Quickly after, I noticed myself spiraling into a state of serious depression and lethargy. It was as if someone had come over and zapped the life out of me. Soon after I was recommended by a mentor to read the book, “A Guide to Transcendental Meditation.” After reading that book, meditation became a way of life and I found an inner strength and peace that I never knew I was capable of having without medication. A year later I discovered yoga and became instantly hooked. The idea of using meditation, breath, and movement together in yoga completely changed my life. Fast forward 6 years and now I live with the passion of teaching others how to find their inner peace.


Yoga has an incredible way of laying dormant in us all, like a sleeping being that lives inside the heart - we discover it's awakening completely on our own, when we're ready to hear it's message. I never dreamed of being a yoga teacher. I was born and raised in Guatemala City. I was a child of gymnastics - a beautiful sport with very little longevity. As I grew out of the rigors of gymnastics, I enrolled in Law School. Some children dream of being Princesses or Astronauts, but I dreamed of becoming a bonifide lawyer (or a Unicorn). In my last year of Law School, my family was forced to move to the US. I quickly learned that none of my previous schooling applied here. With only one year left of Law School back home, I was now back at square one. It was at this moment that the being in my heart began to awake. And I was ready to listen. While working as a paralegal, I enrolled in Yoga Teacher Training. Four years later - this being within me has become me. Yoga has taught me to slow down, to dig deeper, to hear the silence within me. It has taught me who I truly am. That true happiness is our natural state. As a yoga teacher, I think of myself as a signpost. I am merely a guide and it is a privilege to be able to witness students truly reconnecting with themselves and their innate nature. Teaching Yoga, for me, is my passion and my service - to share the teachings that have shaped me and to help guide my students deeper into themselves.

Maria is a 200h E-RYT certified instructor and is currently working towards her 500 hour certification. She is also a certified Pranic Healer (a comprehensive system of energetic medicine). She has co-lead teacher training programs and offers a number of workshops on Yin Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama breathing, Mudras and the Chakras.


I began my yoga journey 3 years ago at a small studio called FitRx. I hated my first practice, but because I had already paid for a groupon, I had to keep going. Within the month, I became addicted. In order to pay for this habit, I realized that I had to become a teacher. So, I completed my first teacher training and taught for 6 months. Then I thought I had to get a full time job and quit all things yoga. Two and a half years later, I realized how miserable I was. I thought back to how happy I was teaching yoga and quit my job to complete a second teacher training. During that second teacher training, I came to the realization that teaching yoga is my purpose in life. I am now happily teaching as often as possible.


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Yoga entered my life in 2007. I began my practice following a DVD that I replayed nearly every day until I had the sequence memorized. Yoga quickly became my sanctuary during a time where I felt disconnected from my body and lost in this sense of chaos around me. With every practice, I experienced a subtle and unexpected strength, stillness, and appreciation for my body and life. It wasn’t until the summer of 2010 that I discovered yoga studios. I was inspired by the energy and breath I felt practicing alongside other students. The creativity and love that every instructor invested in their classes moved me to want to teach. In 2011, I received my 200-hour teaching certification from the Radiant Transitions Teacher Training Program through Full Circle Yoga in Orlando, FL with Sarasvati Devi. I believe yoga is a beautiful and powerful outlet for expression. I encourage students to experience every breath, embrace every moment, and allow the strength residing within them to shine through. It is with gratitude that I have the opportunity to share yoga.


I will never forget the stunned feeling after my first hot class when I could not stop asking myself, "AM I SUPPOSED TO SWEAT THIS MUCH?" My desire for an intense workout had me hooked from the first few minutes, but little did I know that what had started as a physical journey would lead me to many mental breakthroughs. Not many months after starting yoga, I went through a very stressful time in my life, and my yoga was my medication that kept me from needing medical intervention with my anxiety. It was a saving grace, and that was when I knew I wanted to pass on what had helped me so much during an incredibly tough time in my life. As I think back, I can honestly say I don't know where I would be without my practice during that time! So began the journey of teaching, something that I take so much pride in and am so thankful for. To be able to be a part of the process in someone else's life that creates such deep emotional, mental, and physical change is something that I am so grateful for, and something that I look forward to every single day.

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Ana Morales Coley is a Holistic Health teacher and practitioner. Growing up during a Civil War in El Salvador can really shape a person. For Ana Morales it gave her a sense of toughness, empathy, and compassion. From a young age Ana has been gifted with the ability to connect and feel what is going on with people around her. As a little girl and a teenager She didn’t know how to use this gift. She was constantly scared, sick, and thought she was a freak. She wanted nothing to do with this gift of intuition and insight to other people, so she ran far away from it. She went with the left side of her brain and pursued a degree in Civil Engineering. Ana decided to take a break from university in El Salvador and come visit her sister that lived in Nashville. During that time her home in San Salvador experienced a devastating Earthquake not once, but twice. This natural disaster forced her to stay in Nashville and start a new life. With a fresh start Ana decided to slowly embrace her gifts of intuition and empath and use them to help people. She didn’t know what to call it, she just knew she wanted to help people that were sick, whether that be mental, physical, or emotional. She believed that most disease and sickness were caused by stress and unbalanced state of emotions. Through helping these people she also realised most of them were not fulfilling their life purpose. Now she loves helping teach people to have a better understanding of life, find their life purpose, have better health and feel confident about themselves by connecting the mind, body, and spirit to discover the best version of themselves. Ana is a Meditation teacher, Color Therapist, NAET therapist, Chakra Healer, Intuitive advisor, astrologer, and aromatherapist.

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Yoga for me is life. It may be a cliche, but there is a finite number of ways to put truth into words, and this one speaks my truth. Back in 2010, I recall having health issues, hormonal problems, relationship troubles, stress and anxiety of the graduate school, substance abuse, panic fear of public speaking... Gradually, yoga practice has eliminated those physical and psychologic ailments that were complicating my life. However, most of all, I am grateful to my yoga practice for the developed ability to be acutely aware of the subtle changes in my attitude. As a neuroscientist, I believe that our way of thinking creates out way of being: I got to observe this through scientific research, as well as in so many of the yoga students, myself included. Yoga is a system that tunes me, gets me back to my center, and helps to navigate through whatever storms I need to go through. This subtle change in how the mind functions is reflected in everything: in a shift in my relationships, in a different angle I approach my career with, in a different way of living the life, really. That’s why yoga is my life. That’s why it is so important for me to share it with you.


Breathe. Just breathe. This is my seemingly daily mantra as an elementary school teacher. Don't get me wrong; I love my job and the kids are easily 90% of that, but it takes some patience to survive day after day in a school of 5-10 year olds. I started taking yoga because I saw a new studio was coming into town right down the street from where I lived. I walked to my first class and fell in love. It was the low-impact, high-intensity "workout" I needed for my body. After time, though, what I found I needed more than the postures was to breathe. I needed an escape from principals and students, colleagues and teacher's lounges. In short, I needed me time. I love what yoga does for my body. I love to sweat out the day's toxins and sins. I love the length it gives my muscles and the pull it gives to my midsection. My adoration for yoga, though, comes through the me time. I love giving to myself with every inhale. I love clearing my head for 90 minutes with every exhale. I love not being responsible for or to anyone except myself. Each time I roll out my mat, my mind is cleansed SO much more than my body. I get to start fresh. I breathe. Just breathe.


Adam has taught yoga since 2011. He gives lots of assists in his class and enjoys getting new students to help them on their way. One of his strengths is looking at the body in a posture and identifing the next step so he is a great resource for experienced students as well. Adam brings a lot of energy to the class in hopes that the students will match it.


As we move throughout our busy schedules, our hectic or at times mundane days, it is challenging to allow ourselves a break from it all. Or at least it is for me. Each time I roll out my yoga mat, I am allowed space to detach and reconnect to my center. Yoga reminds me the importance of patience, strength and trust during difficult times. My journey may not look as I imagined, but it is in fact, the exact place I am meant to be. Sharing the ability to find strength, a clear mind and a relaxed spirit on your mat and then leaving it with a sense of confidence and accomplishment, is truly a pleasure. It is my hope that you feel mentally and physically lighter, and go with peace throughout your day.


Cindy is a certified Bikram, Yin Yoga, and level II/III Barkan Vinyasa teacher. She also completed Ana Forrest's Advanced Yoga training as well as Baptiste's Art of Assisting training. She has completed her 500 hours with both Jimmy Barkan and Rolf Gates. Cindy currently assists Jimmy Barkan at his level II/III Vinyasa teacher trainings. She currently co-leads a 200 hour yoga alliance certified hot vinyasa teacher training in upstate New York. Cindy is also proud to be an Africa Yoga Ambassador. She recently moved to Nashville, Tennessee where she intends to continue her teacher training and love of yoga!


I spent years thinking I had an adequate yoga practice, hitting the occasional studio and practicing in my living room using a DVD. It wasn’t until 2012 that I realized yoga was about so much more than reading a couple books and knowing how to press back into downward facing dog. My knowledge of yoga was like a single spec of paint on a Jackson Pollock painting. There was so much more to it!! In 2012, I began suffering from terrible panic attacks. I knew I had to do more than just treat the symptoms. Cultivating a lifestyle to help me cope with anxiety included genuinely committing to a consistent yoga practice… enter Fahrenheit Yoga Studio. I came to my first Hot 26 class nervous but determined. I spent 75% of the class in savasana, but by the end of the 90 minutes I was completely hooked! The heated room and energy radiating from other yogis felt so natural. As I’ve gone deeper into my practice, my anxiety has become more manageable. Yoga is now a part of everything I do. My practice encourages me to remain true to myself and continuously fosters strength, kindness and respect both on and off my mat. The room that once felt so incredibly large is now a warm blanket that envelopes me every time I roll out my mat. Gandhi said, “The future depends on what we do in the present”. I believe my present purpose is to help guide others through their practice on their journey to self-discovery, strength and love. Namaste.


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Lauren is an ICF board certified Holistic Life Coach, 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher and is also the co-founder of NuPowerYoga. She obtained her Health Coach Certification through Coach Training Alliance, specializes in Baptiste and Power Vinyasa Yoga and brings balance through weight training and yoga in her NuPowerYoga program. She has been teaching dance, yoga and fitness for 11+ years and loves any opportunity that allows her to help people achieve their fitness goals, both physically and mentally. In her spare time, you can catch Lauren singing the blues with her band The Lauren Zoeller Band. She was a dance major at the University of Illinois and is a vocal performance graduate of Bellarmine University. She loves to bring her passions for yoga, dance, fitness, and music to all of her students!